Mr Blackdog
Brano e Testo

Merciless minds, where power falls
To them,
life’s just a board for their shame.
They long to reign, to hold the reins,
But their castles are built on others’ pains.

Their echo of might, in silence, grows,
Yet, in their quest, they’re truly alone.
They thirst for adoration, but find despair,
Of a world where love, not fear, is near.

They despise the free, they abhor the bold,
Who live their lives, not bought or sold.
For they know, deep down, their power’s frail,
Against the strength of those who prevail.

They loathe freedom, for it shatters their rule,
It’s the antidote, it’s power’s cruel duel.
But the power they seek is a hollow prize,
The void of love, they can’t disguise.

And in the end, who do they deceive?
Only themselves, as they weave,
A web of power, control, and dread,
To find they’re the ones caught instead
What reflects in power?

They’re Kings of smoke, mirrors and dust
In shadows dark, their own fears.
they’re Rulers of poor illusions,
In their own image, they whittle.

Sovereigns of dust, Leaders in lies,
Reflections reveal their unjust.
they’re Rulers of poor illusions,
In their own image, they whittle.

Volevo scrivere una canzone sulla tipologia di persone che sono afflitte dalla più grave delle patologie esistenti, oltrechè la più pericolosa e cioè l’ambizione di potere.
Ribadire quanto questi siano la vera causa di ogni male del nostro pianeta e di quanto siano dannosi.
E che la loro ricerca affannosa di voler controllare le persone sia la dimostrazione che nella realtà dei fatti essi sono i più deboli, tanto da cercare di sopperire a questo, appunto, con l’acquisizione di potere.